15.Kind of plastic pallet

            Plastic pallets used in Thailand have a variety of plastic pallets as follows: 1. The pallets are placed on plastic pallets. 2. Called by the characteristics of plastic pallets. 3. Call upon the usage characteristics and 4. Browse by company name using plastic pallets.

            1. Plastic pallets called by the items placed on plastic pallets, if the pallet is for laying the mortar. It is called a pallet. This type of pallet pallet is available on both sides of the pallet. Follow the example below.

           According to the plastic pallet will look. Smooth or solid sides on both sides. In order to remove the plastic pallets over the lime bags, there is no cracking of the lime bags. The layout of the pallet's mortar is to put a number of mortar bags into the plastic pallet. After that, put the second plastic pallet over the mortar bag on the first plastic pallet. The plastic pallets are stacked. In this way continue. Until the user is fair. The placement of plastic pallets. Like this This can be done with other bags that look like cement bags, such as rice bags, sack bags, and dough bags. Plastic pallets for this lime bag can not be used on hand or pallets. Put specific products such as rubber. In Thailand This plastic pallet has been manufactured for about 3 years. It is a special plastic pallet that is extra long and has a lip on the front of the plastic pallet about 1 inch, as shown below.

               This type of plastic pallet is made specifically for the use of rubber plant in Thailand. Most of these plastic pallets are airy or grille because they require some rubber latex which can not fall off the floor and have good ventilation, making the rubber dry.

                Summarize the term plastic pallets. According to the items put on most plastic pallets. Properly used for such things as pallets, mortars or pallets, mortar will have the proper characteristics for placing mortar bags. But plastic pallets can be placed on other bags that resemble lime bags and plastic pallets, rubber or plastic pallets for putting rubber. It will be designed to fit the rubber, but it can be placed in a rubber. In the future, plastic pallets may also be developed that are unique in placing other products.