18. Plastic pallet prices depend on a variety of factors. But the main factor. The plastic pallets are priced differently. Four major factors are: 1. The weight factor of plastic pallets. 2. Order quantity factors 3. Color factors of plastic pallets and

  1. The heavy factor of plastic pallets. This can be explained by the fact that the weight of plastic pallets is very important to the pricing of plastic pallets. Which type of plastic pallet or high price and low price? May be more easily summarized. Heavy plastic pallets will cost more. Because of the use of a large number of plastic injection or up, or plastic pallets of that type or the opposite. If plastic pallets or any type of plastic pallet weight is less weight. Because of the use of small plastic injection or injection molded plastic pallets of that type.

                2. Order quantity factors This can be explained. Order quantity each time May not be equal The price of plastic pallets purchased at different prices each time is simply explained. If ordered or ordered individually. Plastic pallet price will be cheaper. Due to continuous injection, there is no interruption during production. Low cost plastic pallets, low cost plastic pallets, and low-cost plastic pallets. It will make the price of plastic pallets and models are expensive. Since the injection is discontinuous, there is a disruption. Machine

                3. Color factors of plastic pallets This can be explained. The color of plastic pallets is important in pricing plastic pallets. If the color is weak The price of plastic pallets will only be higher. But if the color is darker to black. The price of plastic pallets will be lower.

                4. The raw materials or grades of raw materials that are injected or molded into plastic pallets are important. By injection plastic pallets. The grade of raw materials is grade 3 is 1. Grade C is the use of pellets to inject plastic pallets. Price plastic pallets injected with C-grade raw materials. 2. Grade B is to use a piece of plastic pallet to make resin (Scapes) again without new color. Plastic pallets used Grade B Plastic pallet prices will be higher. 3. Grade A is a new plastic, which never used to produce anything. Injection into plastic pallets. This type of plastic pallet can be very expensive due to the use of new pellets. Injection or molding is a plastic pallet and grade A. In the food factory, it is also called grade.

                Plastic pallet price summary is different. Depending on the variety of factors, the price of plastic pallets used for the same model and the same type may be high or low, depending on the factors above mentioned above. There are many different factors. Price is different.